Village Home Stay

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  • Village Home Stay
  • Village area, Near Dhaka City or Other district in Bangladesh.
  • YES
  • As Demand
  • 30 KM
  • 45 KM
  • 150 USD
  • NO

experience the difference – explore rural Dhaka around 30 KM

Dhaka or around Bangladesh overnight village home stay trip.

Enjoy warm Bangladeshi Hospitality Imagine living in a traditional house at the countryside, while you enjoy a laid-back lifestyle and plenty of fresh air. Wake up to the sound of birds and cockerels and have a pleasant day with your friendly host family. Savor local food and participate in the delightful activities you experience-tending cattle, weaving, local kids playing, boating, hooking fish, local market, up growing education system, nearby zamindar palace, folk music and much more during your stay with host family The home stay programmed whisks visitors off a retreat of silence and rustic charm. Expeditions home stays offer an opportunity for visitors to stay at a rural family cottage which is easily accessible only 30 km. away from Dhaka city. Home stay village presents a different and enjoyable experience visitors to village have the delightful experience of savoring tropical fruits freshly plucked from the orchard. Cruise different villages in the summer water & canal by country boat during a stay at village.

Price per person: USD. 80 ( Minimum 04 Adults)

Price per person: USD. 70 ( Minimum 06 Adults)
Trip price include: all meal, guide

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