Event Management

General Events (Other than Tailor made):

  • Conference Management
  • Wedding Management
  • Artist Management
  • Dance Troupe Management
  • Corporate Event
  • Theme Party
  • Product Release Celebrations
  • Birth Day Party
  • Private Party
  • Retirement Party
  • Inaugurations Ceremony
  • Corporate Gift Management
  • Fashion Show

We are a professional event management organization based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In Event Management, we believe that there is no better business referral than that given by a satisfied customer. That is why we are committed to finding out what exactly our customer’s needs are and delivering solutions that meet, and often exceed, their expectations.

We can tailor an event package to fit your requirements for any event no matter how big or small. From a garden party to a wedding anniversary, from a product launch to a corporate event, we can arrange all events. We can even supply event solutions in order to add to your existing event capability by providing catering services, entertainment solutions, amusements and our team can even provide technical support with extensive industry experience in sound and lighting solutions in both theatre and live programs.

Recognizing our corporate and private clients have varying needs and budgets and also varying levels of desired participation in the planning and coordination process, our own Progressive Event Management department offers three levels of service that represent increasing levels of engagement with your event.

  1. If you lack the time to thoroughly plan your event but want to be in charge on the day of the event, we can organize the entire affair, handing everything off to you on the day of the event. You still get the benefit of our creativity and planning skills.
  2. If limited budget or your own inclinations make you want to plan most of the event yourself but you need some initial direction, we would be delighted to consult with you to get you started by recommending sites or resources, helping you develop a theme, design a scheme, or budget. The event would still be yours to plan and run.
  3. This may be the answer to your dilemma: We will create your entire event – dream it up, plan it, run it. You get a thoroughly planned and organized event with the additional enormous benefit of having the person on-site who is most knowledgeable about all of the arrangements – balloons to boutonnieres. You will be able to relax and enjoy yourself, or at least attend to other matters, while being confident the event will run as planned.

Our mission is to become a high quality, value leader in the event management service industry, as well as to promote quality education. Hence promoting the event industry as an exciting career option for young graduates scouting for new fields.

Corporate Programs We Arrange:

There are many different types of programs (Locally & Internationally) that can be professionally arranged by us. They are as follows:

***General meetings:

Staff team meetings –            

Which are usually held weekly/monthly to discuss topics that are relevant to team members. It is also an opportunity to discuss project progress and any concerns that team members are experiencing.

Vendor meetings –

Which are usually held between management and a company that is supplying goods or service.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) –

Which is a meeting that is held by an organization on an annual basis, to inform staff members, shareholders and the public of previous and future activities. It can also be added with a picnic of an organization.

Dealers / Channel Partners Meet:     
The authorized dealers and channel partners of an organization contribute strongly to the sales and marketing of an organization. The meeting program along with small recreation and refreshment of the country wide dealers with the company officials strengthens the mutual bond to keep up the good works.

Board meetings –

Board meeting are held with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the board of directors to discuss the future direction of a company.

Seminar/Conferences –                              

Which are meetings that are held on a large scale. Conferences bring together many people to discuss a particular subject.

Public meetings –    

Public meetings are conducted if there is a specific purpose that needs open discussion and information sharing with the general people among which lies many prospective consumers.

Foreign delegation Tour and ground handling:

Most of the leading organizations which have international reputation get numerous foreign delegates coming to local country to enhance the business relationship. Guests classified requirements for accommodation, transportation, recreation and many other facilities are prime concerns of a hosting company as well as making a favorable business deal with them.

Brand promotion programs-

Brand promotion is important for all companies. Companies having strong brand requires communicating the brands for their continued existence. Branding looks for distinguishing the company, its product or service from the competition while creating an impression on the customers mind. It has been seen that powerful brands increase the employees and consumer’s satisfaction and achievement.

Training & Development Program: 

In order for the department to understand current policies and procedures, making staffs skilled and efficient each industry must conduct training programs. This might give them a different taste and make it proactive if such programs are taken outside industrial environment.

Team Building Activities:

Tying up the staffs and associates to work willingly for the greater good of the organization through team building activities are very popular for positive industrial approach. Arranging programs like day excursion, recreation programs, theme parties, evening entertainment shall make the employees come closer and make them friendly with each other. 

Line management motivational/leisure/vacation/ tour  

  (domestic/outbound) arrangement:

Recreational and motivational activities like vacation spending, tour, excursion in inside and outside the country develops employees’ familiarity and awareness about the industry outside criteria which as well gives pleasant recreation to them. Viewing and acquiring knowledge from different locations and attractions empowers their positive approach to the respective organization.

Our Opportunities and Your Scope:

Bangladesh Travel Planners Limited is going to start a unique cooperation and partnership policy with various sectors (Like- TV Channels, Print Media’s, Universities, Research & Education related organizations, NGO’s, International support organizations vise-versa relationship to develop, training and job support in literate- illiterate, awareness like Tourist activities, local behavioral support to tourist, HIV-Drug prevention, disabled communities recreation in  Bangladeshi Tourism sector with other social  activities.

In this policy, we will jointly work for these activities. Our all Leaflets, brochures, Banners, Advertisements, BTPL official Events, Tours, Seminars, our transports, local & international participations /programs will be branding  our partners organizations and logo.

We also have an investment facility from any foreign company within the investment rules and regulation of Bangladesh.

Program/Event/Tour Strategy:

1.   Venue Arrangement

2.   (a) Audio system support:

            – Simple but high-quality system;

            – Sufficient mic’s (panel, speeches, Q&A);

            – Audio set-up in break-out rooms, if required.

       (b) Visual system  support:

            – Capability for presentations, video content and live camera feed (main- theatre);

            – Set-up and room layout suggestion, logistics, equipment;

            – Equipment for main conference room and break-out rooms;

            – Sufficient equipment to ensure smooth running of the show;

            – Suggestion of overall style and solution;

       (c) Lighting systems support:

   -Suitable stage lighting.

3.   Pan flex, banner, festoon, backdrop printing

4.   Security services

5.   Decoration-stage, interior and entrance and outdoor etc.

6.   Program presenter/ announcer ( RJ/VJ)

7.   Cultural program organizing

8.   Catering

9.   Pre-reading materials and podium production for the meeting

10.   Gifts/souvenirs/ crests

11.    Print and electronic media coverage

– Onsite management and liaison with your or our arranged media  contact;

– Management of onsite press conference.

12.    Travel logistics: A.C. Luxurious coach, Mercedes Benz sedan car, Hiace, Pajero jeep, Ship/vessel, Chartered Helicopter, Airplane/rail ticket arrangement).

13.    Internet connection and computers:

      -Conference room, breakout rooms (TBC), foyer.

16.  Simultaneous Interpretation:

           – English;

           – Including management of the translators and provision of materials.

17. Badging.

18. Event Photographer.

19. Event Furniture.

20. Onsite Staffing:

– Show director/ caller;

– Stage manager and stage hands as required;

– Operators (audio, visual, lighting) as required by the final solution;

– Registration;

– Media/Press manager and contact (to be confirmed];

– Ushers and runners as required;

– Any others as required by the final solution and to ensure the smooth

  running of the event.

21.  Event Logistics & Documentation:

– Load-in details;

– Schedules;

– Registration process & arrangements;

– Insurance;

– Reports;

– Accounts;

– Post event summary.

22.  Conference & Shooting:

Cameraman, camera, tape, lighting equipment and multimedia support.

Requirements from our clients:

– Date

– Time


-Event host (no of person attending)

-Event speakers

-Internal attendees

-External attendees

-Location preferences

-Seating arrangements – theatre style, table and chairs

-Pre-reading materials for attendees

-Documentation requirements for the event

-Equipment required for the event (e.g. data projector, microphone)



-Cultural program

-Means of transportation (Air, water, ground)

Budget Structure:

Sl no

List of services



  1. Because our company is TOAB, TDAB, FBCCI, IBCCI member so you can expect us to be able to consistently and reliably deliver what we promise.
  2. Because our company was founded in 2000, our procedures and infrastructures are mature and will be able to quickly accommodate your needs.
  3. Because we have significant relevant experience, our staffing resources include professionals and our management is already familiar with the issues that we will face. We will know what risks we need to mitigate the day we show up and instead of struggling to come up to speed we will be to focus our attention on delivering added value.
  4. With sufficient numbers of employees, our company has ample human resources to quickly staff the project with qualified personnel.
  5. Our ability to produce high levels of customer satisfaction has directly led to increased demand for our Company and a rate of growth that exceeds 100% annually.
  6. Your project will represent a larger share of our business than it will for a larger company and we will respond with commitment and gratitude. You will have our attention and focus, and Our Company will not be distracted by mergers and acquisitions or stock performance.
  7. Our company will be able to start your project immediately and continue to operate without having to simultaneously grow our corporate infrastructure. Our ability to serve you will not be wholly dependent on the efforts of a couple of key people who must also serve all of the company’s other clients. Because of our size and excellent financial position, Our Company has the infrastructure to take care of your needs without having to keep one eye on our cash-flow position.
  8. Our excellent performance record lends credibility to our ability to deliver as promised. We encourage you to call our customer references and ask them.
  9. Our commitment to our customers has been demonstrated repeatedly on our previous projects.
  10. Our company will leverage our experience with your environment to fulfill your needs. Our company's approach represents the best value to you because we will support your goals and mission as well as the needs of your projects.