Pricing & Policy for Helicopter

Pricing & Policy

Details of Air Craft Rental Service:

1. General Information:

ANNEX Group has been operating as Rental agent for Helicopters & Plane under ATOL issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) since January 2001. Till to date, ANNEX is holding an excellent service & safety record. The helicopters are mostly USA, Canada origin and manufactured by Robinson Helicopter Company (RHC) of USA & BELL. Air charter is a fast, flexible and convenient way to fly. If one require air travel that doesn’t fit with airline scheduling or destinations air charter provides a solution. It is also perfect for discerning travellers who require high levels of flexibility and personalized service, groups travelling for work, sport or leisure, and personal or family holiday travel.

2. Purposes of Rent/Charter

  • Visit remote places of interest.
  • Meet relatives staying in remote places.
  • Sight seeing.
  • Bridal party/Marriage Transfer.
  • Film shooting.
  • Aerial observation/Photography.
  • Dropping of leaflets for commercial products.
  • Medical Evacuation for sitting patients only.

3. Chartering procedure

  • ANNEX Travel & Consulting Group provides helicopter rental service to its valued clients on first come first service basis.
  • One may kindly give his requisition or consolidated program for using the helicopter(s) as per the specimenshown here. At our end, we will put our best effort and do necessary planning to satisfy your requirements.
  • We can provide 02 Robinson, BELL Helicopters & Hawkar Plane at a time to meet your requirements.


In the past, for cargo operation, the airlines operated Boeing-707, Boeing -737, AN-124, IL-76, AN-12 & AN-26 cargo aircraft on charter / lease basis in different International routes. The airlines also operated Relief Missions of UN from Dhaka by its own registered B-707 cargo aircraft and also by chartering other types of aircraft to different international destinations under UN program. However, at the moment, cargo operation is suspended. It is likely to resume in the near future is under active consideration.

Chartering Fee:

1. Chartering Fee

  • Flight Cost: USD 900.00 for each hour of (3+1) seater and USD 1650.00 for each hour of (6+1) seater Helicopter used for normal air transportation. But, if the flying involves aerial film shooting, leaflet dropping etc the per hour flight cost will be 35% more.
  • Ground Waiting Cost: USD 110.00 for 4 seater & USD 200.00 for 7 seater each hour. USD 350.00 consolidated for over night ground waiting. If over night ground waiting is planned at a place other then secured and active airport, the charter is to ensure safety and security of helicopter.
    • 15% VAT to be added on the total bill (flight cost + ground waiting cost).
  • Flying on Friday and Govt. holidays USD 250.00 is applicable for each flight.
  • The minimum cost for a route(starting to Landing) will be 30 minutes of flying cost.
  • Fuel cost and Insurance will be covered by Airlines.

2. Booking

(a) Booking of a charter flight may be done physically at our office or by email/letter as convenient.

(b) A chartering requisition should include the following information:

  • Purpose of the flight.
  • Date and Time of departure from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport or any other place.
  • Destination/ Place(s) of visit.
  • Name of passengers with address & designation.
  • Nationality, Passport no, Validity, Place and Date of issue (for Foreign nationals only)

3. Terms of Payment

  • The written requisition for chartering a helicopter should include 50% of the total flight cost. The rest 50% of the cost to be paid before 72 hours of the fly.
  • Payments should be made in cash and Advance.

4. Security

(a) The person chartering a flight is to ensure security of the helicopter in the landing area while on ground.

(b) A flag is to be hoisted in a visible place near the landing area (on top of a high tree /building / Bamboo pole).

5. Cancellation
a) 25% of the flight cost will be charged for cancellation of flight after booking.

b) 48 hours before the flight schedule — Forfeiture of 50% of total cost.

c) Before 36 hours prior to flight schedule — Forfeiture of 75% of total cost.

d) Within 24 hours to flight schedule -fully non refundable applicable.


  • Helicopters are operated from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport
  • Helicopters can be flown to any remote places.
  • Flying time is calculated for both way flights.
  • Flight charges may be amended any time without notice.
  • Flight can be booked for any day of the week.
  • Flight is not accepted for night flying.
  • Customer is to arrange & ensure all types of security of the helicopter at the destinations and for preparation of the helipad(s).
  • Flight May be delayed or cancelled due to bad weather, Technical Reasons or Unavoidable Circumstances
  • Delay at the airport during departure (for delay in passengers’ arrival), will be Counted as ground waiting.
  • Please feel free to contact, if any query.

Mail or Call for Booking:


Cell: +88-01711446301; +88-01616003130; 02-58957345