Domestic Cruise - The Sail

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  • Domestic Cruise - The Sail
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  • The Sail
  • 3 days
  • 250 USD
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Safety coupled with comfort was our prime concern from the very first day of our inception of idea of building a tourist vessel and this remained focused throughout the construction feature. But safety is a continuous process and need monitoring, evaluation and improvement on a regular basis. The vessel is manned by well trained staff and at present under the command of a Master who used to work for Bangladesh Navy. The vessel and every voyage of her will be monitored by Ex-Ship’s captain to ensure the safety of the vessel and the passenger.

Plenty of Life Saving equipments, Fire Detection system, Fire Extinguishing System and a modern bridge with Radar, GPS, Echo Sounder, VHF, Public addresser etc are provided solely for the consideration of safety of our guests.

While Safety remains our priority but passenger comfort is never forgotten. Spacious carpeted Air-conditioned passenger accommodation & cabins, high toilet ratio with good quality modern fittings, Six cabins with attached bath, comfortable beds with coir foam, LED lighting, luxurious open decks, Highly decorated air conditioned dining space along with a cozy open-air dining arrangement, RO & UV system for drinking water – all is added to passenger comfort; quality service staff is there to bring your satisfaction. And catering – we hope the delicacy will always be remembered. 
We use metal detector for passenger safety and scan their laguages.

Emergency Rescue:

We have incorporated emergency evacuation/rescue system. For any emergency we can support our guest by our newly made “Speed boat”. Our speed boat remains anchored at Mongla Port Area. If any emergency in Sundarbans she can shoot to the spot within 03 hours. Our Speed boat is twenty one feet long and seven feet wide while carrying capacity of twelve people at a time.

Her brand new imported engine is capable of maintaining a speed of about 25 nautical miles, which are completely monitored and controlled from the driving position.